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Where to get the best vegan croissants in London


Discover where to get the best vegan croissants in London, right now. Adapting a vegan lifestyle is no longer about sacrificing the sweet life, well not anymore. Lately, eateries all over the city have started unveiling their long-awaited vegan croissants recipes, much to the delight of vegans all over London.

Fun fact:
The croissant, a buttery, flaky pastry, often thought to be French, is actually Austrian. Well, sort of. It was originally an Austrian viennoiserie pastry made in the shape of a kipferl, but became French when people began making it with French yeast-leavened laminated dough.

1. The Artisan Bakery

Handmade by experienced bakers using quality natural ingredients, The Artisan Bakery invested 6 months into developing their vegan croissant. This light golden brown deliciousness has crispy outer laminated layered skin and soft internal layers.

2. Galeta Bakery

What began life at a London market stall is now a national sensation. The multiple award-winning Galeta Bakery is sold in over 600 stores nationwide, and also operates from several street markets all over London. In a nutshell, they know a thing or two about delicious baked goods, so their plant-based take on the traditional croissant doesn’t disappoint. Delicately folded with layers of plant-based butter and baked to flaky perfection. Check out the market location nearest to you.

3. Paul

Ditch the boring sandwiches and pick up a platter of vegan croissants for your next meeting. Paul serves up large rich and tasty croissants that are crispy on the outside and deliciously soft on the inside. And the crust adorned with linseeds adds a special finish.

4. Caffê Nero

For an indulgent breakfast, head to Caffê Nero. Deep-filled with raspberry jam and topped with a raspberry sugar glaze, the vegan croissants here are incredibly scrumptious.

5. Arapina

Head to Arapina on Lordship Lane, in the trendy neighbourhood of East Dulwich, for the most irresistible melt-in-your-mouth croissants. Whether you eat yours plain or with a savoury filling, it is still an exquisite breakfast experience.