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Top 7 vegetarian restaurants in Canary Wharf London

live love london Top 7 vegetarian restaurants in Canary Wharf London

Discover the top 7 vegetarian restaurants in Canary Wharf, London. Although at first, it may seem like there are only pubs and steakhouses in this neighbourhood, in reality, there are plenty of restaurants serving up the most delicious vegetarian dishes. Whether you’re looking for a light lunch, something to grab on the go, or a more substantial evening meal, there are some fantastic places to choose from.

1. Wagamama

You’ll find that Wagamama offers a large selection of vegetarian Asian-inspired dishes. Think hearty noodles in a steaming broth, topped with fresh vegetables or steamed yasai gyoza udon noodles in vegetable broth with roasted bok choi and chilli sambal paste. This is the place to go if you’re in the mood for noodles in a delicious steaming veggie broth.

2. Manjal

If you fancy an authentic vegetarian North and South Indian cuisine, then head to Manjal. Here the dishes come with a vegetarian alternative, like the fresh spinach based curry with ginger, garlic onions and tomato. Or the dal and spinach which is yellow lentils and baby spinach cooked in aromatic herbs and spices.

3. Gaucho

If you’re dining with big meat eaters and you’re looking for a place that also has really good vegetarian dishes, then Gaucho is the spot for you. This well-known steakhouse also serves up the most delicious vegetarian options, like pasta al norma or the baked merluza. And the best part is that they have dessert options that are made with alternative milk.

4. Pure

live love london Top 7 vegetarian restaurants in Canary Wharf London

If you want hearty and filling vegetarian food that’s made daily with only the freshest ingredients then Pure is perfect for you. Herey, every menu item also has a vegetarian alternative that’s just as delicious, think super plant protein toasties, gut loving grains and high protein chilli. And the best part is that they also have super cute to-go containers.

5. Wahaca

If you’re in the mood for vegetarian Mexican food, you’ll love the menu at Wahaca. From sweet potato burritos to plaintain tacos. The dishes here are full of flavour and will easily turn anyone into an instant vegetarian. And there’s a good mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options here, so you can bring your canivore friends here and they’ll also find something they love.

6. Roka

If you want something vegetarian and Japanese, you should make a reservation at Roka. This award-winning restaurant serves the most delisious contempoaray Japanese dishes. Think eggplant in mirin, ginger and soy, sweet potato tempura with yuzu miso mayonnaise and mushroom hot pot with truffle.

7. The Ivy

For a more intercontinental vegetarian cuisine, head straight to The Ivy because they have an impressive vegetarian menu. Their menu includes plant-based Malaysian curry, the ivy cheese souffle and truffle arancini.