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Top 5 coffee shops in Baker Street London

live love london Top 5 coffee shops in Baker Street London

Here are the top 5 coffee shops in Baker Street London. This neighbourhood has always been a busy and vibrant part of London, but these days it’s becoming known for more than just the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. With the recent surge in speciality coffee shops popping up in the area, this part of town is now an ideal destination for those looking for a good caffeine fix.

1. 106 Baker St

Set in the heart of Marylebone Village, 106 Baker St is an all-day bakery and cafe serving the most delicious cakes and artisanal coffee. And the best part is that if you’re a student, you get 10% off.

2. Arro Coffee

Arro Coffee has an impressive selection of flavoured coffee, from Ethiopia to Mexico and beyond, you’ll love the rich, intense and full-bodied concoctions on offer. And if you’re feeling indulgent, you can try one of their traditional Italian panettones. They’ve also got this laid back coffeehouse vibe, so you can totally get your remote workin’ on here.

3. Souli Food

Taste the authentic flavours of Rome at Souli Food. Here the coffee is fairtrade and imported from Rome’s most renowed coffee shops. They also serve a wide variety of teas, imported from Paris, that perfectly compliments the fresh snadwiches and pasteries on offer.

4. Paul

Because a delicious cup of coffee is the perfect compliment to freshly baked to perfection croissants, Paul’s bakery is a coffee lover’s answer to the question – where shall we get breakfast? And they also offer a delicous vegan range.

5. Saint Espresso

Set in the heart of Baker’s Street and a short stroll from Regent’s Park, Saint Espresso is a local favourite. The coffee menu here is simple, there are no fancy flavours, but they’re all brewed to perfection. The food is also delicous and the vibe is warm, earthy and welcoming.