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Top 10 cocktail bars near Green Park in London

live love london Top 10 cocktail bars near Green Park in London

Discover the top 10 cocktail bars near Green Park in London. This neighbourhood is known for its vibrant bar scene. Located in the heart of Mayfair, Green Park is surrounded by some of the best cocktail bars in the city. These bars offer an array of creative and classic cocktails in luxurious settings, offering impeccable service.

From The Rivoli Bar at The Ritz to the cosy Libare Bar at the Sartoria restaurant, plenty of options exist for those looking to indulge in top-quality cocktails. Whether you’re a visitor to London or a local looking for a new spot to try, the top cocktail bars near Green Park offer an amazing drinking experience.

1. The American Bar

The American Bar is an award-winning bar with a long history of serving exceptional cocktails. Here, the atmosphere is elegant sophistication and they also have an extensive cocktail menu.

2. Dukes Bar

If you want a touch of elegance to your night, go to Dukes Bar. Located in the Dukes London Hotel, the bar is famous for its martinis. It was reportedly a favourite of James Bond author Ian Fleming, who is said to have been inspired by the bar when he wrote about Bond’s love of martinis.

3. The Connaught

If you fancy a drink in a luxurious setting, you’ll love Connaught Bar. Known for its innovative cocktails and impeccable service., the bar has a chic and contemporary design.

4. Artesian Bar

If you’re looking for modern, fresh and innovative cocktails, you should head to Artesian Bar. This multiple award-winning bar serves up the most delicious cocktails.

5. Donovan Bar

live love london Top 10 cocktail bars near Green Park in London

If you fancy sipping your cocktails against a fabulous backdrop, you’ll love Donovan Bar located in Brown’s Hotel. This stylish bar is named after the renowned photographer Terence Donovan. Here, the decor is glamorous and retro-inspired.

6. The Berkeley Bar and Terrace

If you fancy drinking classic cocktails in an intimate atmosphere, then head to The Berkeley Bar and Terrace. They also have a charming outdoor terrace for those warm weather nights.

7. The Q Bar

If you’re looking for a bar that looks like a Hollywood movie set, The Q Bar is for you. Here, the interior is chic and glamorous and the cocktails are delicious.

8. Aqua Spirit

If you fancy indulging in Asian-inspired cocktails whilst soaking in the stunning London skyline, head straight to Aqua Spirit. This stylish rooftop bar is a perfect spot for a romantic date or a night out with friends.

9. The Rivoli Bar

If you want nothing short of breathtaking opulence then you should grab a table at The Rivoli Bar, located at The Ritz London. Stylishly designed to give the impression of walking into a beautiful jewellery box, the menu here is classic and signature cocktails.

10. Libare Bar

Libare Bar is a chic bar, located in the Sartoria restaurant. This is perfect for you if you love Italian-inspired cocktails and fine wine.