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The LEGO Store Leicester Square

live love london The LEGO Store Leicester Square

The LEGO Store in Leicester Square is a must-visit destination for LEGO enthusiasts from around the world. Located in the heart of London, this flagship store is an impressive showcase of LEGO’s creativity and innovation.

About The LEGO Store Leicester Square

The Leicester Square store is the largest LEGO store in the world, covering an impressive 914 square meters across two floors.

The store is home to numerous LEGO displays, including a giant LEGO model of Big Ben that stands over six meters tall.

The store also boasts a Pick-A-Brick wall, where visitors can select individual LEGO pieces to build their own creations.


live love london The LEGO Store Leicester Square

The atmosphere in the store is vibrant and energetic, with a sense of excitement that is infectious.

The bright colours of the LEGO sets and displays are visually striking, and the store’s layout is designed to encourage exploration and discovery.

The store is always bustling with activity, with LEGO fans of all ages browsing the shelves and interacting with the many LEGO models on display.


The customer service is exceptional. The staff are knowledgeable about all things LEGO, and they are always willing to help visitors find the perfect set or answer any questions they may have.

The staff also organize a range of activities and events, including LEGO building competitions and workshops, which add to the overall experience of visiting the store.