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The best vegan restaurants in Peckham

The best vegan restaurants in Peckham

Here are the best vegan restaurants in Peckham, right now. This arty and vibrant London neighbourhood is filled with incredibly delicious vegan eateries. There’s an impressive selection of flavours, so whether you’re in the mood for a simple pasta dish or you fancy a more innovative menu, you won’t be disappointed.

1. Naïfs

A gem hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city, this family-run vegan bistro has been serving delightful meals to the locals. The dining experience is simple, relaxed and jolly. The food is inspired by multi-dish dinners such as the Greek meze. The idea at Naïfs is that the dishes will showcase the abundance and beauty found in plants and pulses, therefore the menu is very much produce-led. The dishes are tasty and packed with so much flavour they’ll turn even the most carnivore into a vegan.

2. Bánh Bánh

Head to Bánh Bánh only on Mondays because that’s when they serve up a meat-free menu. This Vietnamese kitchen is the brainchild of five siblings drawing inspiration from their grandmother’s recipes. The ingredients are fresh and the flavours are rich but light. Think coconut udon, hue chay noodle soup and soy glazed greens with jasmine rice.

3. En Root Peckham

The best vegan restaurants in Peckham

For the most delectable plant-powered goodness, head to En Root. Here, there is a deliberate celebration of fresh seasonal vegetables, aromatic Gujarati spices and wholesome pulses. In other words, this is all about highly nutritious food that doesn’t compromise on taste.

4. The Omni Collective

For a modern and internationally inspired plant-based menu, head to The Omni Collective. Set in the heart of Peckham, the atmosphere is cosy and the plates are made for sharing. The drinks here are a mix of low-intervention, bio-dynamic, organic and vegan. They also pair wonderfully well with the global flavours found in the food.