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St. Pancras Church

live love london St Pancreas Church

St. Pancras Church is a beautiful and historic church that has stood the test of time and remains a beloved landmark of the city. This stunning Gothic-style church is an architectural marvel, with intricate stonework, soaring arches, and a rich history that spans more than two centuries.

History of St. Pancreas Church

The church was built in the early 19th century, between 1819 and 1822, by architect William Inwood. It was constructed to serve the growing population of the St. Pancras parish, which had outgrown its previous church.

Inwood designed the church in the Gothic Revival style, which was popular at the time, and incorporated elements such as pointed arches, ribbed vaulting, and decorative tracery.

What to expect

live love london St Pancreas Church

One of the most striking features of St. Pancras Church is its tower. Standing at 202 feet tall, it is one of the tallest church towers in London.

The tower was not originally part of Inwood’s design but was added later by architect Sir George Gilbert Scott in the 1860s. Scott also designed the spire, which stands at 247 feet tall and is a prominent feature of the London skyline.

Another notable feature of the church is its interior. The nave is decorated with intricate stonework, and the ceiling is adorned with stunning painted murals.

The church also has a number of impressive stained glass windows, including the West Window, which depicts scenes from the life of St. Pancras.

The church has played an important role in the history of London. During World War II, it served as a refuge for those seeking shelter from the Blitz. In the years that followed, it became a symbol of hope and resilience for the people of London.

Today, St. Pancras Church continues to be an active place of worship and also serves as a venue for concerts, exhibitions, and other events. It is a popular tourist attraction, drawing visitors from around the world who come to marvel at its beauty and learn about its rich history.