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St Margret’s Church

live love london St Margret's Church

St Margret’s Church, known as ‘the Church on Parliament Square,’ is a historical and architectural gem right next to Westminster Abbey. It’s a place of worship that has witnessed the changing face of London over the centuries.


Built in the 12th century, St Margret’s Church has a long and storied history. It survived wars, fires, and the Great Plague of London.

The church was rebuilt in the 17th century after the Great Fire of London, and its interior was restored in the 19th century. Today, it stands as a testament to London’s rich heritage.

What to expect at St Margret’s Church

live love london St Margret's Church

Visitors can expect to see a magnificent example of English Gothic architecture. The church features soaring arches, stained glass windows, and intricate stonework.

Its interior is richly decorated with paintings, carvings, and sculptures. The church also houses a number of historical artefacts, including a 15th-century brass lectern and a 17th-century wooden pulpit.

In addition to its architectural and historical significance, the church is a place of worship that offers regular services to the public.

It is also a popular venue for weddings, baptisms, and other religious ceremonies. Visitors are welcome to attend services and events, or simply explore the church’s beauty and history.

How to get to St Margret’s Church

Getting to there is easy, you’ll find it on Westminster Abbey’s north side, just a short walk from the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Visitors can also take the London Underground to Westminster Station or the bus to Parliament Square.