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Serpentine Galleries

live love london Serpentine Galleries

The Serpentine Galleries in London are two contemporary art galleries located in Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park. The galleries are a must-visit destination for art lovers and cultural enthusiasts.

The galleries were founded in 1970 and have been showcasing cutting-edge contemporary art ever since.

About Serpentine Galleries

Initially set up to provide a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work, the galleries have become a hub for established and internationally renowned artists over the years.

They showcase innovative exhibitions that challenge visitors’ perceptions of contemporary art. Here, you’re encouraged to engage with art in new and exciting ways.

What to expect

live love london Serpentine Galleries

The Serpentine Galleries comprise two distinct spaces: the Serpentine Gallery and the Serpentine Sackler Gallery. The former is housed in a beautiful, Grade II-listed building that was originally a tea pavilion. The latter is located in a former gunpowder store converted into a stunning contemporary gallery space.

Both galleries are dedicated to showcasing the work of contemporary artists from around the world. They host a range of exhibitions, from solo shows to group shows and themed exhibitions.

The galleries also organize a range of events, including talks, workshops, and performances, that explore the intersection of art, culture, and society.

One of the highlights of the Serpentine Galleries is the annual Serpentine Pavilion. Every year, the galleries commission a leading architect to design a temporary pavilion in the park adjacent to the galleries.

The pavilion is a platform for experimentation and innovation in architecture and has become a major event on the London cultural calendar.

The Serpentine Galleries are committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the art world. They work with a range of partners to support emerging artists and provide opportunities for underrepresented groups.

They also have a strong educational program that aims to engage young people in contemporary art and culture.