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Most romantic places to propose in London

live love London - image of a marriage proposal at tower bridge London

With centuries of history mixed with modern elegance and charm, it’s no wonder London is the perfect backdrop for a romantic proposal. Here are the top spots to get the YES you’re looking for.

1. River Thames at sunset proposal

What better way to pop the question than on the River Thames as the sun is setting?

2. Italian Gardens proposal

Believed to have been a gift from Prince Albert to his wife Queen Victoria (yes of V&A museum), the Italian Garden provides the perfect atmosphere to get down on one knee.

3. St Dunstans Church proposal

Set against the ruins of a Wren Church, the garden of St Dunstans with its character and centuries-old walls adorned in greenery is the perfect backdrop for popping that all-important question.

4. Tower Bridge proposal

live love london Most romantic places to propose in London

Pop the question in an intimate setting set against an iconic backdrop. With stunning panoramic views of the London Skyline and the River Thames, Tower Bridge is the most ideal location for a marriage proposal.

5. Sky Gardens proposal

Enjoy your special moment with a showstopping view of London. Sky Garden provides a spectacular and romantic ambience that sets the perfect mood for your proposal.

6. Fitzrovia Chapel proposal

Officially known as “London’s Most Romantic Chapel,” Fitzrovia Chapel is the ultimate fairytale setting for a marriage proposal.

7. Kew Gardens proposal

The irresistible and enchanting setting of Kew Gardens makes it a perfect location for creating unforgettable memories that last a lifetime.