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Big Ben

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Big Ben is an iconic landmark and a must-visit destination for anyone travelling to London. This clock tower is located at the north end of the Palace of Westminster, which is also known as the Houses of Parliament.

It has become a symbol of London, and its distinct chime has become a signature sound of the city.

About Big Ben

Big Ben is one of the most famous landmarks in London and is recognized all over the world. The clock tower stands tall and majestic, overlooking the Palace of Westminster and the River Thames.

The name “Big Ben” actually refers to the large bell inside the clock tower, which weighs over 13 tons. The clock tower is an impressive feat of engineering, standing at over 96 meters tall and featuring striking Gothic Revival architecture.

Despite its age, Big Ben remains an accurate timekeeper and continues to chime every hour.

What to expect when you get to Big Ben

live love london big ben

Once you arrive at Big Ben, you can take a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament, which includes a visit to the clock tower. Keep in mind that due to security concerns, advance booking is required for these tours, and they fill up quickly.

However, if you’re not able to book a tour, you can still admire the beauty of Big Ben from the outside and take plenty of photos.

While Big Ben is a beautiful sight to see during the day, it’s even more impressive at night when the clock face is lit up. The clock tower is illuminated with a soft golden light that makes it stand out against the dark sky.

How to get there

To get to Big Ben, the best way is to take the London Underground to Westminster Station. The station is served by the Jubilee, District, and Circle lines, making it easily accessible from almost anywhere in London.

Once you get off the train, you’ll emerge right in front of the Palace of Westminster, with Big Ben towering above you.

Alternatively, you can take a bus or a taxi to the Houses of Parliament, but keep in mind that traffic in central London can be very heavy. Walking to Big Ben is also an option if you’re staying in the nearby areas, but make sure to wear comfortable shoes.