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9 Best things to do in West London

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Home to some of the most expensive neighbourhoods, West London is the quintessential London. From the artsy vibes of Soho to the designer shops of Bond Street, the West End is as vibrant as it is diverse. And more importantly, there’s something for everyone.

1. Portobello Market

Saturday is the best day to experience the energy of Portobello market. Antiques dating from BC to the 1960s are the main attraction. You can find a good bargain here but be ready to get your ‘haggle on.’ Also, come early to avoid the crowd.

2. Little Venice

Little Venice is the oasis of peace and serenity located where the Grand Union Canal meets the Regent’s Canal. Grab a bite to eat at the floating cafe and then visit an exhibition at the nearby floating gallery.

3. Hampton Courts Palace

Spend a day at the famous Palace and gardens of King Henry VIII. Home to the world’s oldest grapevines and a huge variety of wildlife, Hampton Courts Palace, along with it’s gardens offers a wonderful view into the lives of the historic British King, his wives and his household.

4. Kyoto Garden

Amongst the best kept secrets of London, lies the fact that a beautiful, scenic and tranquil Japanese Garden lies tucked away in Holland Park. Kyoto Gardens, a gift from the city of Kyoto to Britain, is a traditional Japanese garden with cascading tiered waterfalls, Japanese maple trees and expertly carved stone lanterns.

5. Kew Gardens

With over 50,000 plants to be explored, Kew Gardens is the perfect West End treat. Whether you choose to wander through the gardens, visit an exhibition or attend a botanical workshop, you’ll never run out of things to do at Kew. And it’s totally kids friendly too.

6. See a West End Show

live love london 9 Best things to do in West London

Whether it’s Moulin Rouge at the Piccadilly Theatre or Frozen at the Theatre Royal, there is plenty to see in West End.

7. V&A Museum

A perfect outing for the culture vulture, the V&A Museum is home to some of London’s finest exhibitions, talks and workshops.

8. Harrods

As the quintessential British luxury, Harrods is the must-visit destination in the West End of London. Explore the latest fashion collaborations, pop-ups, boutiques and more.

9. Kensington Palace

Home of the young royals and the official home of TRH Prince William and Princess Kate. Spend a day exploring the birthplace of Queen Victoria and where Mary II once entertained her guests.