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9 Best restaurants in Bayswater, West London


Discover 9 of the best restaurants in Bayswater, West London. Located within the City of Westminster, Bayswater is home to a wide variety of restaurants that serve up some of the most mouth-watering dishes around. Whether you’re looking for classic British cuisine or something more exotic, you’ll find something to satisfy your cravings here.

1. Tax X Tab

An independent coffee shop famed for serving up the most delicious breakfast and brunch in this part of town. From the most scrumptious avocado on toast to the fluffiest stack of pancakes, Tax X Tab is the perfect spot to indulge in decadent weekend brunch.

2. Happy Lamb Hot Pot

If you’re looking for a really good pot of hot soup, then look no further than the Happy Lamb Hot Pot. With a simmering process that takes 6 hours to achieve, this Mongolian restaurant serves up deeply rich and authentic hot pot broth that will warm you up. Think aromatic broth with herbs, fresh vegetables and the best choice of meat. A perfect winter warmer.

3. Farmacy

If you fancy a delicious vegetarian or vegan option, then head to Farmacy. This plant-based restaurant is 100% organic and dedicated to providing nutritious, sustainable, and incredibly delicious food.

4. Four Seasons Restaurant

If you’re looking for amazing Chinese food, then head to the Four Seasons Restaurant. Named by the Financial Times as the place to get “the best roast duck in the world,” you’ll love the incredible flavours being served here.

5. Grilandia

Grilandia is a secret Lebanese garden of exquisite food and drink. Whether meat, fish or vegan, each dish is cooked with fresh, high-quality ingredients. The decor is elegant and intimate, so it’s a perfect spot to dine with someone special.

6. Mandarin Kitchen

The original lobster noodle was created in Mandarin Kitchen in 1978 and since then, this place has become a haven for foodies who seek to indulge in the rich culinary heritage of China. From bold and spicy flavours of Sichuan cuisine to the subtle and delicate tastes of Cantonese cooking, this Chinese Culinary Institution crafts the most authentic southern Asian dishes.

7. Ceru

For an Eastern Mediterranean culinary journey, head to Ceru. Alongside their signature meat dishes, you’ll find an abundance of vegan and vegetarian options. The home-away-from-home vibe to be found here makes it a perfect spot to gather with friends and family and enjoy really good food.

8. Pearl Liang

If you fancy amazing Chinese food in a stylish and cosmopolitan setting, then head to Pearl Liang. This classy modern restaurant serves up the most delicious Chinese seafood and dim sum. And in addition to this, they also offer a wonderful selection of wines.

9. The Residency

The Residency is a truly awesome neighbourhood restaurant that continues to delight the locals with its simple but scrumptious menu. Think brioche French toast stuffed with whipped pistachio ricotta and maple strawberries. Or the buttermilk pancakes with dulce de leche caramelised bananas and topped with hazelnuts.