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7 Must visit museums near Tottenham Court Road


If you happen to find yourself in Tottenham Court Road, one of London’s most energetic neighbourhoods, then you’re in for a treat. Tottenham Court Road is home to a collection of some of the city’s most famous museums. Here’s a list of our top 7 favourites that you must check out.

1. The Museum of Cartoons

The cartoon museum showcases a collection of British editorial cartoons, caricatures and comic strips from the 18th century to the present. Also worth checking out is their learning programme dedicated to teaching the art of cartoons and comics.

2. The Faraday Museum

Known for hosting some of the best science lectures, The Faraday Museum is dedicated to connecting the world to science. Whether you attend one of their live events or their annual Christmas lectures, one thing’s for sure, you’ll leave inspired.

3. The British Museum

If you’re in the mood for exploring different cultures from all around the world then a visit to the British museum is a must. With 8 million objects showcasing the extraordinary diversity of human civilisation, you’ll be spoilt for choice as to which world to escape in.

4. The Transport Museum

With a collection that is dedicated as outstanding by the Arts Council England, The Transport Museum is the place to explore the world of locomotives. 

5. Charles Dickens Museum

The Charles Dickens Museum is a definite must for every literature buff. Set against a historic house, the museum grants you a unique opportunity to explore the works of Dickens, his home and the things that were important to him.

6. The Museum of Youth Culture

Dedicated to challenging traditional stereotypes about young people, the Museum of Youth Culture is an emerging museum dedicated to style, sounds and social movements that were kickstarted by young people over the past 100 years.

7. Grant Museum of Zoology

Do you know your Dodo from your Quagga? Of course you do. But just incase you were wondering, the answer can be found at the Grant Museum of  Zoology. With over 60,000 zoological specimens, the museum is an excellent resource for anyone interested in zoology and prehistoric animal specimens.