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10 Best small museums in London

live love london 10 Best small museums in London

Here are 10 of the best small museums in London. The city is a treasure trove of history, culture, and art. It is no surprise that it is one of the most visited cities in the world. But what many people don’t know about London are the hidden gems tucked away in its various neighbourhoods. From quirky collections to unique exhibits, discover the best small museums in London.

1. Museum of The Home

Formerly the Geffrye Museum, The Museum of The Home offers visitors a unique look at English domestic life from 1600-present day. Visitors can explore the museum’s period rooms and gardens which provide insight into the changes in English home life over time.

2. The Fan Museum

If you’re a fan of fans (pun intended), then The Fan Museum should be your first stop. Located in Greenwich, The Fan Museum celebrates all things fans. From paper-folding fans to hand-painted silk fans. With over 5,000 objects on display, whether you’re interested in learning more about fan history or just want to admire their beauty, there’s something for everyone here.

3. The Museum of Brands

If you’re looking for an offbeat experience then this is worth a visit. This quirky little museum takes visitors on an interactive journey through time as it explores how brands have developed over the years. Here you can learn about vintage cereal boxes, early advertisements, brand mascots and more. The Museum of Brands is a great place for those who want to explore how consumerism has changed over time. Or if you love advertising, graphic and packaging design.

4. Garden Museum

The Garden Museum, located on Lambeth Palace Road, offers you a chance to explore the history of gardening through its exhibitions and collections of artefacts from past eras. You can also take a stroll through its beautiful garden which has been recreated using 18th-century designs. This museum is great for anyone who loves plants and gardening.

5. Leighton House and Sambourne House

live love london 10 Best small museums in London

If you love the paintings of Frederic Lord Leighton and the cartoons of Edward Linley Sambourne, then you’ll enjoy exploring their homes. The artefacts at Leighton House and Sambourne House include furnishings, sculptures and ceramics that belonged to the celebrated painter and punch cartoonist.

6. Dennis Severs House

If you fancy a tour through a house that Dennis Servers bought and decorated for a fictitious family, then you’ll love this eccentric museum. Take the guided tour and learn about the things he collected for a house which ultimately became a stage for his characters.

7. Sir John Soane Museum

This charming little museum is tucked away in Holborn. Here, you’ll explore the life and work of one of Britain’s most renowned architects, Sir John Soane. From paintings and sculptures to architectural models, there are over 30,000 objects on display in his former home.

8. Pollock’s Toy Museum

If you’re travelling with kids or you love art and play, you should head straight to Pollock’s Toy Museum. Here, you’ll find rooms filled with display cases showcasing tins toys, teddy bears and doll houses from the past. This will make a fun family day out activity.

9. Charles Dickens Museum

If you fancy seeing the home occupied by one of the greatest writers of all time, you should pay a visit to the Charles Dickens Museum.

10. Florence Nightingale Museum

The Florence Nightingale Museum showcases the life and work of the celebrated nurse. Here, you’ll learn about her childhood, including how she fought with courage to become a nurse and her campaigns for better healthcare for ordinary people.